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What are survey sites?

More and more people look for legit online income opportunities.

Let’s forget about crappy sites out there… But concentrate on the legit survey sites or also known as “Get Paid To” (GTP) programs such as Prize Rebel or Swagbucks.


I’ve decided to set up this website with some good paying survey sites to help folks start with survey sites that actually pay.

How do survey sites work

They almost work the same and are connected with “Legendary” and new internationally operating survey programs, cashback, coupon services or special deal providers.

According to your individual profile you’ll be given (routed) surveys and offers.

Some services also reward you with redeemable point for web searches, playing games or completing daily goals.

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Don't Spam

You will not earn a lot money completing one survey though.

But this can add up if you join 1-7 programs and get referrals (more difficult task and not for newbies).


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