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Win Up to $50K in Burger King’s Annual No-Essay Scholarship Contest

Burger King co-founder James McLamore placed value on education, entrepreneurial spirit, integrity, high standards and good citizenship.
Those values defined him and now carry on his legacy in the form of the annual Burger King Scholars program for employees and their spouses, domestic partners and children — and high school seniors in the community.

More than 20 scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $50,000 are available this year.

There are scholarships for high school seniors as well Burger King employees and their families.

There’s no essay is required; all you have to do is meet the eligibility requirements to be considered for one of the scholarships.

The foundation will accept only 50,000 applications from Oct. 15 to Dec. 15, 2018.

Burger King Scholarship Eligibility
There are two tracks for scholarships — one for general applicants and another for employees and their families. Applicants from both pools will be considered for the James W. McLamore Whopper Scholarship.


Could You Weather a Financial Emergency? 6 Ways to Save $2,000 This Year

Life hits. It’s an emergency. You need $2,000.
Can you tap into your savings?

Emergency funds, also known as rainy day funds, are essential. You never know when you’ll face an unexpected medical procedure, hefty car repairs or a vet bill.

When it comes down to it, only 15% of Americans could come up with that $2,000 right now, according to a Penny Hoarder analysis of Federal Reserve survey data.

This, my friends, will get you into trouble.

But don’t worry. Although $2,000 might seem like a hefty chunk of money, we’ve brainstormed some hands-off strategies to help you beef up your savings within a year.

6 Ways to Save $2,000 This Year
Here are a few strategies that’ll help you tuck away $2,000 by this time next year:

1. Direct Deposit $84 Each Payday Into a High-Yield Savings Account
If you get paid twice a month, set your direct deposit to automatically funnel $84 into a separate hands-off online savings account.

Hands-off is key here, so try stashing your money in a savings ac..

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Not Another Success Story: These Entrepreneurs Share Some Business Failures

Everyone loves a good success story, especially when it comes to entrepreneurship.
You know how the narrative usually goes: Man overcomes hardship to open a bakery and business is booming, or woman has groundbreaking, so-simple-why-didn’t-I-think-of-that idea and is now a multi-millionaire.

Success in entrepreneurship is great. So great, in fact, we write about it all of the time. But realistically speaking, not every business idea is a home run, and things don’t always go according to plan.

You’ve probably heard snippets of the statistics concerning small business ownership at least once or twice: Only about 20% of small businesses make it past their first year, and just 50% make it past five.

So, yeah, the odds might not be ever in your favor when it comes to opening a business. But that’s what makes entrepreneurship so great — that despite the less-than-stellar odds, people are taking this leap of faith each and every day.

Seeing how commonplace failure is in entrepreneursh..

Snag a UPS Seasonal Job at a Nationwide On-Site Hiring Event on Oct. 19

UPS is calling it Brown Friday.
That’s the term the company is using to describe its hiring bonanza prior to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday holiday shopping sprees.

The shipping company says it will hire 40,000 full- and part-time workers at 170 job fairs nationwide on Oct. 19.

We previously reported that UPS was hiring 100,000 seasonal workers this year, so it looks like the brown jacket brigade is attempting to recruit a large share of its seasonal workforce in one day.

The hiring events are split into east and west regions, and applicants have the chance to receive employment offers on the spot.

The seasonal positions are primarily package handlers and drivers. Over the last three years, 35% of seasonal package handlers were hired on for permanent positions, the company notes.

Can’t make it to the hiring event? You can apply online at

The company touts that permanent jobs — including part-time — come with health care and retirement benefits, as well as tui..

Need Cash for College? Apply for a $2,500 Comcast Scholarship by Dec. 7

If you live in a Comcast service area and have a high school senior in the house, you may want to pay attention.
The telecommunications conglomerate plans to award over 800 scholarships worth $2,500 each to students in need. That’s more than $2 million.

Who is Eligible for the Comcast Leaders and Achievers Scholarship?
The scholarship program is open to high school seniors who plan to enroll full time at an accredited two- or four-year college in the U.S. in the 2019-20 school year.

To be eligible, applicants must live in one of these cities: Boston, Chicago, Dallas-Fort Worth, El Paso, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Phoenix, San Antonio, San Diego, New York, Washington, McAllen, Texas, and Orlando, Florida; .

You must provide a zip code to establish eligibility.

Students must have a 3.0 minimum GPA, need financial assistance and show a commitment to community service, good character and leadership.

Application Requirements of the Comcast Scholarship
Students must upload current of..

Freelancers, Boost Your Business With These New E-Courses From Fiverr

The online freelance marketplace Fiverr has decided to get into the e-learning game.

The company announced the launch of Learn from Fiverr, an e-learning program built directly into the Fiverr platform and offering courses that are tailored to freelancers.

With costs ranging from $19 to $38, the digital courses cover skills freelancers use most, such such as copywriting, graphic design, branding and viral marketing. Specific courses now available include Instagram Ads Fundamentals, Craft a Logo By Hand, Blog Content Strategy and Google Analytics.

There are also classes that aim to help users work more efficiently as freelancers. They cover topics such as market research, proper ways to brief clients and how to deliver a stellar end product.

According to Brent Messenger, Fiverr’s global head of community, studies done by the company show that around 67% of its users consider continuing education important — but only 25% have access to training that applies to their specific freel..

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Credit Card Debt? These 4 Sites Could Help You Pay It Down Faster

So, you have thousands of dollars in credit card debt, and the burden of paying off all that — and interest — is gobbling up your income.
Instead of financially treading water making minimum payments and paying maximum interest, make the smart move, and take out a debt consolidation loan. It’s a personal loan, usually at a lower interest rate that you can use to pay off your high-interest credit cards.

In the long term, you can save a ton of money, but first you have to shop around for a loan.

Sound difficult? It doesn’t have to be. Instead of spending hours scouring the internet, you can go window-shopping at an online marketplace that’ll help pinpoint the best loan for you.

We recommend you try more than one site and see what kind of results you get. Heck, try them all if you want. It won’t take long, and you have nothing to lose: Seeing your options won’t cost you anything, and it won’t hurt your credit score.

4 Marketplaces for a Credit Card Debt Consolidation Loan
To start, yo..

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We Went Behind the Scenes to Find Out What It’s Like Being a Scare Actor

Around 7 p.m. in Dade City, Florida, as the sun is making its retreat in favor of the night, you’ll find a ghoulish scene tucked away in the woods.
There’s a horde of infected zombies, a gaggle of demonic witches, a posse of deranged clowns.

But if you look closer, you’ll notice one of those clowns scrolling through Instagram on an iPhone. A zombie might have a face streaked in blood, but his T-shirt and gym shorts are Downy fresh. And since when did witches chat about the latest episode of “Game of Thrones”?

No, you haven’t stumbled onto the set of a horror movie — it’s a group of scare actors getting ready for a night of work at the Scream-A-Geddon Horror Park.

It’s organized chaos, with the crowd of monsters weaving around the actor area — especially with the blaring music, constant screams and the random chainsaw or two filling the air all night long.

Returning for its fourth year of operation, Scream-A-Geddon is a privately owned haunted event that serves up scares for 36 ..

Want a Raise? Here’s How to Get One — and Why Now’s a Good Time to Ask

A good time to ask for that raise could be right about… now.
The latest numbers from U.S. Labor Department show that the 7.1 million job openings now exceed the number of people looking for work.

The outsized demand for workers means more opportunities for you to find a new job with a bigger paycheck — with 3.6 million people quitting their jobs in July, you wouldn’t be alone in seeking greener pastures (pun totally intended).

But if you’re not interested in leaving your job, you can still use the hot labor market to ask for a raise.

We have plenty of tips and strategies to help you saunter into your boss’ office with confidence — including the ultimate guide to negotiating your salary and seven scientifically-proven ways to negotiate your salary.

And don’t let the negotiation stop at your paycheck. Before you ask for money, consider your entire compensation package, including the value of your company’s benefits.

If your boss tries dangling the carrot of a single lump-sum bonus..

Leave With a Job: Here’s What to Expect at a Seasonal In-Store Hiring Event

When Milagros Figueroa walked into her local Best Buy Wednesday morning, she wasn’t interested in a new TV or laptop. She was looking for a job.
While shopping at the store the night before, she learned about the retail chain’s nationwide seasonal hiring event. That same evening, she opened the browser on her smartphone and filled out an application on the company's careers page. The next morning, while applying some last-minute lip gloss and concealer before her interview, she was excited about the possibilities that might come from getting the job.

“They can keep you [after the holidays] and maybe lead to permanent work,” says Figueroa, 34, of St. Petersburg, Florida.

Figueroa is one of the tens of thousands of people looking for seasonal employment this holiday season. This month, retail stores, fulfillment centers and package delivery companies are hosting in-store hiring events. While each company varies slightly in how it conducts these seasonal hiring events, we spoke t..